How it Works and Getting Paid

We specialize in people who want to invest from $1,000 to $99,000 in one of the best automatic ForeX programs with the top brains in the ForeX world. If you to start with the fractional side which means we manage your funds for 36 months or until you want to close out, which you can do at any time. You contract who want to start with less than $50,000 which will be the minimum to invest directly in our ForeX program.

We have purchased a large contract and willing to sell small % of our LLC so you can invest with a little amount of money, if you are a USA citizen or foreign it makes no difference you are welcome to become a stakeholder of the LLC. We formed a Nevis corporation complete so that all USA Citizens and USA residents can invest, the cost of this LLC could be as high as $10,000 and form a Wyoming Trust account could cost another 2,500, with legal opinion and guidance. We have made it simple if you invest for 1,000 you pay an additional 8% or $80 to help cover our expenses of the Nevis corporations which you will own a part of. Till December 1, 2019 anyone can invest with as little as $1,000 and after December 2, 2019, you will make the smallest $2,500.

We show that lowest amount of 20% per month including our fees, your account from our estimate which based on data the shows Felix (AI Computer) could make more or less then we what estimate. From our date could be over 100 times in 3 years, using the compounding principal of not taking your funds out ever month. All investment can lose money there is always risk, we will always put a 25% stop lose on our account as added protect to all our investors.


We will payout whatever profit you make in months 6,12,18,24,30 and both profit and principal pay you everything in your account. You can reinvest after 36 months in the same account and not pay any fees to get back into the fractional trading but you will have start at $2,500 or more.

You can at any time, take all of your funds out and come back in for your original amount after 2 months and no longer than 4 months after you close your account. After 4 months of having it closed you will be treated as a new investor.


What is required

  • Need $1,000 to $99,000 to open fractional account.
  • Pay an 8% fee to join.
  • Fill out a simple CIS and show passport or Drivers license
  • You will own a fractional interest of Nevis corporation
  • Be part of a Wyoming trust.
  • Be legal and meet all USA investment laws
  • If you have a foreign corporation you can save the 8%


  • Arranged every 6 months for 36 Months just the monthly profit for that month only.
  • Normal Profit goes back into your account and increases your trade equity and size.
  • At the end of 36 months, all of the funds in your account can be returned to you.
  • If you want to stay in the Nevis corporation you put all or part back in and stay another 36 months.
  • Everyone is responsible for their taxes.