We have partnered up with the top world-renowned inventor and businessman of our century. His accomplishment you see on our site telling a small story about Jeff Black. He has invented an IA robot that reacts faster than humans and can read thousands upon thousands of news articles from major newspapers and other sources that all day long to find out which way the currency or Fore X market is going. Everything is driven in the ForeX world on news and knowledge.

The funny part is the news does have to be real but, make it seem that it is and will cause a change in the market. Their Robot can spot trends and by reading newspaper articles, electronic news and other sorts and follows them to end and then when it peaks it will follow the other way. They have run 5 years of data through Felix which is the name of the new robot and has shown a profit every month. This is not a get rich quick plan but should show a profit every month based only on historical data.

Fractional 4X has bought 1 or more trading contracts from Quant Data Analytics a division of The Ingenis Group, LLC a Jeff Black company. They built Felix just to trade for themselves and after a while, some friends and family want to get involved. The Ingenis Group decided to cap the funds outside investors to 500M to 1B and the smallest contract to manage will be $100,000 but during the first few months of operations, they are allowing smaller accounts from $10,000 to $50,000 get involved.

They will let people buy a small fractional contract through us and we are taking on clients from $1,000 to $100,000 and be allow it to piggyback through us. We have purchased a Nevis corporation and formed USA trust so we can make it legal for USA citizens with less than 20 M net worth to trade.

You will own a small part of the Nevis corporation proportional to your investment and receive your share of the profits. We will hire a hedge fund management company to help us always know what everyone is entitled to get every pay period and keep an accurate track of each sub-account. Please what the video below to help understand AI and we teach it to follow trends and read the articles that will have an impact on the ForeX market


Explaining AI to Beginner